Annual Prelacy Assembly to be Held the weekend of May 24-25 in Toronto

The Canadian Armenian National Representatives Assembly is scheduled to convene May 24 through 25, 2013, in Toronto, Ontario. The city’s St. Mary Armenian Church will host the Meeting, which will bring together Armenian Church leaders from throughout Canada. Archbishop Khajag Hagopian, Prelate, will preside over all the meetings and events.

The National Representative Assembly is the highest ecclesiastical and administrative body of the Prelacy. It is composed of a ratio of one-seventh clergy and six-sevenths lay delegates. The clergy delegates are elected by the Clergy Conference and the lay delegates by their respective parishes. The number of delegates from the parishes depend s on the number of parish members. The minimum number of delegates for a parish is two and the maximum is seven.

Prior to the Assembly itself, clergy from across the Prelacy will meet for their annual Clergy Meeting. In addition to the regular business sessions and reports from Prelacy councils and committees, one session of the Assembly will be devoted to Armenian National and Religious presentations.

A highlight of the week of activities will be the annual Awards Banquet, on the evening of Saturday, May 25. The Banquet is dedicated to His Eminence Archbishop Khajag Hagopian’s 45th anniversary of ordination to priesthood as well as St. Mary Church’s 30th anniversary. At that time, Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Anahid Armoyan will be honored by Catholicosate of Cilicia’s “Cilician Princess.” Mr. Thomas Saras, President of President of National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, has been named the recipient of this year’s “Spirit of Armenia.”

On Sunday, May 26, the Prelate will preside over a special Divine Liturgy at St. Mary Church for the community and Assembly attendees.

Armenian Prelacy of Canada

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